XXXII Sunday: Live children of the live God

November 10, 2019.

“But even Moses showed in the burning bush passage that the dead are raised, when he called the Lord “the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.’ For He is not the God of the dead but of the living, for all live to Him.”  (Luke 20, 37-38)

This week it is fitting that we should review our faith in the resurrection of Christ and in resurrection itself. It is important in these so confusing times to have our ideas clear and to undertake without the least doubt, the official doctrine of the Church, based upon the revelation shown by Christ and in the very experience of our maestro, who died and has risen from the dead.

However, it is also important to be alive here on earth, while we wait and proclaim the existence of eternal life in heaven. To succeed in this, we must try to lead a life that is truly “life” and that is not a type of compromise between a life of grace and a life of sin, a kind of tepidity that in the end lets us be neither of one nor the other. Let us not forget, the tepid God vomited them.

Let us be, then, live children of the live God, based on having love in our heart and in our hands. If we hurt our fellow man, if we do wrong or don’t do well, then the rest will say that the followers of Christ are not generators of love, but of sin, and they will mark it up on the account of the Lord making Him responsible for our misdeeds. If, on the other hand, we work in a manner coherent with our faith, then we will call attention of at least some, maybe they will become interested in a religion which is practiced by good people who shine like light in a world submerged further each day in darkness.

Intention: Confess to be in the grace of God and so to be full of life. Reject all syncretism with other beliefs about life after death, believing in resurrection.

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