XXXIII Sunday: Do not worship anyone else

November 17, 2019.

“And He said: “Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, “I am He,’ and, “The time has drawn near.’ Therefore do not go after them.”  (Luke 21, 8)

Believe in only one God has many advantages, among which, that you kneel only to that God. Chesterton said that the problem of the XXI century isn’t going to believe in God but believing in many false gods, since when one does not believe in God is capable of believing in anything, such as politics, or in money, or in pleasure.  For the Christian, nothing nor anyone can try to take the place of God in the heart and in life. Neither work, nor politics, nor one’s country, not even family can be before God, such as the first commandment requires: “To love God above all else”.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t love our friends, work, our country, our family. This means that, if on some occasion this love tries to compete with God and separate us from him, we will have to remember and remind them that we are Christians and precisely because of this we prostrate ourselves only before God and we worship only him.

At the same time, this strict monotheism that we profess shows us that we can only expect everything from God and only in him can we find happiness. This helps us to be less exacting with the rest, to understand that, since they are not God, it is normal that they are not perfect and, above all, to not try that they make us happy, since at the most they can collaborate so that we are, but they cannot give us total happiness because this is beyond the capability of any human. This as well helps us to not despair of ourselves upon seeing our imperfections; it is enough that we are in the firth to reach sainthood, that we begin each time we have fallen.

Intention: Put God first in your life. Do not make anyone or anything – person, money, or work – a “god”, that we consecrate or from which we expect happiness.

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