Sunday I of Advent: The guest

December 1, 2019.

Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. (Matthew 24, 42)

Advent begins, and with it, a new liturgical year. The time begins to prepare for Christmas and, as all beginnings, there is a lot of novelty, despite what we are going to remember and renew – the coming of the Son of God – is already known by all.

The attitude with which the Church invites us to begin this time of preparation is that of being vigilant, to be getting ourselves in shape so that the arrival of the Lord does not take us by surprise or poorly prepared. Because of this, the “word of life” for this week tells us we should act as if we were going to receive at home a very special guest, the most important, and as if we risked that, by not being alert, he would go by without stopping. Of course, to have this attitude, it is necessary that we are truly interested in his coming and in taking him into our home, it is necessary that we consider the meeting with him as the best luck that life could offer us. Unfortunately, if going to mass or taking communion were attached to receiving money or having a few more grams of health, surely there would be many who wouldn’t miss the Sunday appointment. What would I be willing to do for a million euros? No physical sacrifice would be scorned, nor effort not confronted; it wouldn’t matter how early the alarm had to wake me or the patience I had to have with my boss. And for you, Lord? Aren’t you worth more than that? Doesn’t your friendship have a higher worth than the money? Who was at my side when my friends failed me? Who will be with me when death arrives? Who has done for me even a small part of what you have done for me?

Christ needs that you love him for himself and is waiting for you to take him as your best guest.

Intention: Prepare ourselves to take Christ into our lives with a good examination of our conscience, to discover that we have done wrong and try to correct it. Pray and go to mass more.

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