2º Sunday of Advent: Preach in the desert

December 8, 2019.

“The voice of one crying in the wilderness:” Prepare the way of the Lord; Make His paths straight. (Matthew 3, 3)

They say that friends are for opportunities. And it is true. It is in the difficult times that you see the authentic friendship. The preaching of the Baptist, announcing the arrival of Jesus, the Messiah of the Savoir, was worth more as it was more difficult. To openly confess the faith in Christ and fidelity to the Pope, has much more merit and is more necessary today than 50 years ago, when the world and looked upon with disapproval was precisely the opposite. But now is when it is most needed, when the Lord needs it most. The same can be said, for example, about the vocation consecration and to the priesthood; before, when there weren’t many alternatives for young people, the seminaries and novitiates were full; now they are almost empty. And, however, it is now when Christ needs most the young men and women who want to dedicate full time to evangelize and to those who suffer.

Each one of us, each day and frequently various times a day, feels surrounded by a desert and even with a desert in our soul. Criticism of the Church abounds around you and the Catholic moral. In your own interior, you even doubt that it is possible to live faithful to the Gospel or that it is worth it. The desert is inside and out, and threatens to devour everything, to dry the springs of live water that come to us through the sacraments and that produce fruits of love in our hands. We must do as John: confront the desert with the water of the grace of God, to do so go back, to produce the fruit where there was nothing but dryness and aridness. And to do this one must have courage and accept the tiredness of a tough job, one must be well provide with the necessary materials through prayer and the sacraments, and one must have faith in the grace.

Intention: Do not be ashamed of Christ or of the Church. Defend them with intelligence, without violence. Abound in works of love to give testimony that faith and grace makes the man.

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