Sunday V: Light even for those who don’t want to see

February 9, 2020.

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”  (Mathew 5, 14)

Not all of us are called to be messengers of the love of God by means of preaching the word, perhaps because we are not great orators or because this is not our vocation. But all of us are called to preach this love by way of our lives, of our good works. To do this it is not necessary to do great things; it is enough to try to fulfill our obligations, which in most of the cases will mean carrying out little acts, insignificant and routine. This way, our testimony will be the light for our fellow man, even when he does not tell us so.

Those moments of difficulty, of suffering, will be especially important. That is when they will notice us.  How will this Christian react when he has been offended? What will he do when he has an illness or when he lost a loved one? How will he overcome the temptations of the flesh or those of corruption? They always watch us, especially when there are problems. Let us give them, especially at these times, an example that will convince the others that to be a Christian is worth it, that to be a Christian is not the same as not to be, that to be a Christian introduces changes in the life of a man, changes that make him better and happier.

Lastly, we must also be the light for those who don’t want to see because they are more comfortable in the darkness of their sin. It doesn’t mean taking them by force to the truth, to the kindness. Really it means defending the truth, with love but with courage. In a dark era such as ours, it is especially urgent and a great work of charity, although they don’t understand.

Intention: Think, every day, in something that is going to be difficult for you, to be coherent with your faith when others watch your behaviour. Don’t be silent from coward ness.

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