Sixth Sunday of Easter: Love to see

May 17, 2020.

“He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”  (John 14, 21)

Saint Anselm, one of the great medieval Christian thinkers, coined a phrase that summarized well the attitude of the believer in search of the truth, in the studying of the philosophy: “Believe to understand”. The faith, according to Saint Anselm, opens new horizons to our intelligence; our reason, when it reaches its limit, gets help from our faith and as such can watch new perspectives.

However, this is not sufficient, because man is not reason alone, is not only intelligence. Or, better stated, there is a wisdom that is learned from a different method of study and reflection.  It is the wisdom of the heart. That which Pascal stated: “The heart has reasons which reason doesn’t know”. It has to do with having available both sources of knowledge: reason and Herat, or in other words love. It is love which makes us understand or at least accept certain things. So Jesus showed us when he said: “He who loves Me … I will manifest Myself to him”. He didn’t say: “Who thinks of me”, not even “who believes in me” -although faith is already a type of love-. It is necessary to love Jesus to understand it totally, the same way that a mother understands her child better than anyone, precisely because she loves him. Love, then, and you will understand.

In this way, the “word of life” of this week invites us to be complete men, who don’t use only a part of their qualities or capabilities. It invites us to use our head, but also our heart. It invites us to love, knowing that love is the door to faith, the door to understanding the things of God and the things of men. When we love, and only when we love, is when we are aware of the wisdom, of the reason, that the Church has in ordering certain things and in prohibiting others.

Intention: When you have some doubt of faith, or of someone, put yourself to living. Love will be the door that gives you light. Do not close yourself off, thinking that you will only love if see. Love and you will see.

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